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For every mile of ocean crossed ☆ ([personal profile] outstretched) wrote in [community profile] thingwithfeathers2012-11-08 01:56 pm

Multi-meme post

Pretend for a minute that the only contact you have ever had with me is through my fic. We've never exchanged LJ/DW comments or emails, never hung out in chat or on IM, never talked on the phone or met each other in person, none of that stuff. The only thing you know about me is the kind of fic I write.

What kind of person would you think I am? How would you describe my attitudes and opinions about real-life issues? Or, to rephrase it: Based on the way I write my characters, and the way they speak, think, and behave, what would that say to you about me?

I really want to know, actually.


This is also an anonymous feedback post. Tell me what you think of my writing. How can I improve? Concrit is loved, nothing is screened. IPs are logged.