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SASO 2017

team ushioi

You can find me on AO3 at [archiveofourown.org profile] Skylark.
Remix Permissions Thread.


Bonus Round:
To Fill List

*Bonus Round 0.

What team (bokuto/kuroo, G) — Old memes.

fighting spirit (daichi/suga, G) — My favorite thing is how Suga says Daichi's name.

ya-ha (eyeshield 21, G) — Devil bats!

piety (imaizumi/kinjou 21, G) — I'll follow you into the dark



*Bonus Round 1.

Apothecary // AO3 Mirror (suga/kuroo [haikyuu], G) — "Suga is a healer; Kuroo is the injured werecat he finds."

Mismatch (suga/daichi [haikyuu], G) — "POKEMON AU! One of them is a nurse Doctor and one of them is a trainer."

Favorite (chris/miyuki [daiya no a], G) — "Soulmates/reincarnation au, with a dash of mythology."

Luck (daichi/suga [haikyuu], T) — "Daichi has always been watched over by a mysterious and mischievous creature."

Pre-game (kise/midorima/aomine/murasakibara [kuroko no basuke], E) — "Kise ends up servicing the entire team."

Cycling road (imaizumi/naruko [yowamushi pedal], G) — "POKEMON AU PLEASE. A CLASSIC REDGREENBLUE RIVALRY."


My Prompts * = filled
ushioi (haikyuu) | oikawa/arata (haikyuu/chihayafuru) | daisuga (haikyuu) | bokuaka (haikyuu) | daisuga (haikyuu) | suga/taichi (haikyuu/chihayafuru) | daichi/suga (haikyuu)* | rei/ennoshita (free! / haikyuu) | multiple ships (free, daiya no a, chihayafuru)* | kanou/mihashi (oofuri)* | akashi/mayuzumi (kuroko no basket)*



*Bonus Round 2.

goodnight new york (asahi/suga [haikyuu], G) — Suga pulls his scarf a little higher up over his mouth and says, "Well, goodbye then."


My Prompts * = filled
kurodaisuga (haikyuu) | sekizan/hachiouji (all out!!) | daisuga or nozoeli (haikyuu / love live)



*Bonus Round 3.

Shelter (imaizumi/kinjou/arakita [yowamushi pedal], G) — All I want is to be your harbor

Flow (kuroo/daichi/sugawara [haikyuu], G) — I braved those mountain passes

Linger (tanaka/daichi [haikyuu], G) — You're ever welcome with me any time you like


My Prompts * = filled



*Bonus Bonus Round.

swing (daichi/suga [haikyuu!!], g) — moving into an apartment together

saint francis (daichi/suga & ukai [haikyuu!!], g) — in which they adopt a cat together

companion (daichi/suga [haikyuu!!], g) — fake dating not-au

counting (daichi/suga/kuroo [haikyuu!!], g) — pokemon day care au

eight (daichi/suga [haikyuu!!], g) — pokemon gym leader/trainer au

rainwater (kuroo/bokuto [haikyuu!!], g) — bnha villains au


My Prompts * = filled
oikawa/arata (haikyuu / chihayafuru) | daisuga / nozoeli / oesumire (multiple) | daisuga (haikyuu) | daisuga / nozoeli (haikyuu / love live) | a million oikawa and kagami ships (haikyuu / kuroko no basket) | sousuke/momotaro (free)



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