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SASO 2016

This is where I will list all my SASO 2016 fanworks!

My blanket permissions thread is here. (Pls comment there or here if you're remixing my work—I'd love to see it!)


- N O N E -


After everything that was going to happen has happened (AO3 Mirror) | (daiya, kuramiyu + kuraryou, M) "Remember when Miyuki was both Kuramochi's AND Ryousuke's rebound from each other?"

Honesty (AO3 Mirror) | (love live, honoeli, G) "Remember when Honoka was away on tour and Eli raced home after work to watch all her live shows on television?"

How we Land (AO3 Mirror) | (daiya + haikyuu, oikawa/miyuki, M) "Remember when you didn't know what you wanted, and every stranger made you feel safer? (But then, you got used to it; to being lonely.)"


- N O N E -


Yes (AO3 Mirror) | (oofuri, tajihana, G) "'But it's June,' Tajima says, his busy hands digging through the white paper. It shreds easily in his fingers and drifts towards the floor, simulated snow in summertime."

Modification (AO3 Mirror) | (oofuri, tajimabemiha, G) A gift from Tajima to Mihashi with the note, "For when Abe yells too much!! :D"

Care (AO3 Mirror) | (daiya, kuramiyu, T) A package with wrinkled paper and a note that reads, "I cannot believe the weird shit you're into"


Postscript (AO3 Mirror) | (daiya, kuraryou, T) "The light through the open window wakes Youichi up."

the genius of his household (AO3 Mirror) | (daiya, 2miyu, E) "He delights in pulling involuntary noises from his throat, in the slow acceleration of his breath."

aspiration (AO3 Mirror) | (haikyuu, bokuaka, G) "Bokuto has become more punctual since Akaashi joined the volleyball team. More studious, more agile, more emotionally volatile."

foundational (AO3 Mirror) | (haikyuu, iwaoi, T) "iwachan, he says, and his voice is slurred."

downfall (AO3 Mirror) | (haikyuu, oisuga, G) "When they line up afterwards, Sugawara's shoulders tense before his head lifts slowly, eyes searching Aoba Johsai's line until they settle on his own."

start date (AO3 Mirror) | (haikyuu, daisuga, G) "Suga shrugs, and gestures at the crobat that's doing lazy loops above their heads."

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