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Allure (Sugawara Koushi/Sawamura Daichi, Haikyuu!!, R)

Title: Allure
Rating: R
Word Count: 614
Genre: Romance, PWP
Characters/Relationships: Daichi/Suga
Warnings: Boys in love wearing lacy underthings
Disclaimer: Haikyuu isn't mine.
Summary: "You're not even looking," Suga complains.
Author's Notes: Long time no see. For [personal profile] putsch, that incorrigible creature. ♥ This isn't proofread, but when I have time I'll clean it up and toss it onto AO3. I take requests here and fill them very, very slowly.

"Daichi, you're not even looking," Suga says. "After I went through all this trouble, it's the least you could do."

His voice is pitched to sound petulant, but it can't hide the self-consciousness that lurks underneath, and that's what finally makes Daichi raise his eyes. He knows he's beet red—he can feel the heat radiating down his neck, the nervous press of his lips—but he feels a bit better when he sees that Suga, too, is blushing.

Suga glances down and hooks a finger beneath one garter to straighten it, and gasps when he lets go too quickly and it snaps against his skin. It's a soft crack of sound, barely louder than Suga's inhale, but it makes Daichi swallow hard anyway.

Suga looks up, and a giddy smile spreads across his face when he sees Daichi's expression. "So?" he prompts, and turns so he's in profile. There are waves of lacy frills across the back of the panties, and the side view makes it easier to see the soft swell at the front. Daichi's eyes trail down the clean lines of the garters, catching on the faint, blooming red mark on Suga's thigh, before stopping at the thigh-highs that cling to his legs.

It's a little hard to breathe, suddenly.

Suga moves towards Daichi but skirts around him, resting one knee on the bed. His back forms a graceful curve as it arches back, stretching one leg behind him to point his toes against the floor. The garters on the back of his thighs bunch up, making small bridges against his skin, and the thigh highs make his slim legs look even longer than they already are.

"Daichi," Suga breathes, glancing at him over his shoulder from beneath lowered lashes.

For a moment Daichi just watches, spellbound. Then he lunges forward, pushing Suga to the bed, and the tension is broken as Suga tips over with a surprised laugh.

Suga squirms beneath him, the familiar movement made new by the foreign sensation of cloth-covered thighs against Daichi's back. "I'm guessing you like it," Suga murmurs, sounding fond.

"I love it—" Daichi kisses his eyelids, his forehead, his nose, "I love you—" a kiss to the corner of his jaw.

Suga's arms wind around his neck as he leans up to meet Daichi's lips. His hips twitch and Daichi can feel the hard press against his stomach. "I have an itinerary for this evening, you know," Suga says, his voice already going a little breathless.

Daichi raises an eyebrow. "How organized."

"Yes," Suga agrees as Daichi kisses his way down his neck, nibbling in a way that makes Suga's entire body jump. "Next I wanted to—ah—suck you off."

Daichi pulls back to look down at Suga, who's biting his lip with a coy, mischievous expression. "What if I had other ideas," he says, reaching between them to slip two fingers beneath the hem of Suga's panties. He feels Suga's ribcage hitch, and grins. "What if I wanted to feel those thigh highs against my face while I made you come?"

Suga is blinking at Daichi as he moves down, as if he's suddenly forgotten how to form words. "I," he stammers, "I guess that could—yes."

"Good," Daichi murmurs, nosing against the front panel of Suga's underwear. He fits his hands beneath Suga's thighs to lift them up. He hears Suga give a shuddery little gasp and feels the bed bounce as he drops onto his back, giving into it.

Daichi licks his lips. Since Suga's gone through all this trouble, he thinks, he might as well make it worth his while.

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