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Master fic list.

This list/comm is no longer updated. For my full collection of works, please check my AO3 account.

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By the work one knows the workman.  —Jean de La Fontaine

[personal profile] outstretched's fic collection from March 2010 - present.
♥ newest works on top; = top picks.
♥ I love concrit, late comments, commentspam and anonymous feedback.
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Pokémon . Homestuck . Super Junior . X-Men: First Class . Haikyuu . Ragnarok Online . Star Trek XI . His Dark Materials . The Time Traveler's Wife . Angel Fall .

More fics over here! (Flashfic Directory)


Pokémon (55)

Flashfics & drabbles over here.

Kanto OT3; 1,838 words; Angst, Drama.
Shadow of the Colossus AU. He stands trembling before the still body lying on the shrine and sees her color returning, one legendary at a time. (See fic header for warnings.)

To stay here, on higher ground
Bill/Lanette; 1,552 words; Drama, Romance.
Greek mythology AU. He's always been an artist; she's always been his equal.

Ariana/Petrel; 5,050 words; Character study, Drama, Romance.
Over her first winter break spent at home, Ariana's life changes trajectory completely. Or: the story behind how Ariana was responsible for Petrel's recruitment to Team Rocket.

This is stupid
Red, Green, Leaf; G; 560 words; Humor, Friendship.
Homestuck AU. "Are you stalking me?" Green calls out.

Coffeeshop Blues
Crystal/Lyra, Cynthia/Dawn, Crystal+Silver, Crystal+May; 3,767 words; Romance, Fluff.
College/Coffee shop AU. Crystal discovers that people are not always what they seem, cafés are worlds unto themselves, and it takes a village to start a romance.

Problem Solving
Ethan+Lyra; G; 704 words; Humor, Friendship, Fluff.
Ethan is the man with the plan (or, Ethan is a whirlwind of bad life decisions, especially as a child.)

Miles to Go (written with [personal profile] kuruk)
Red/Green, Green/Leaf, Leaf/Ethan; 23,000+ words; PG-13; Character Study, Romance, Slice-of-Life, Drama.
After Red's descent from Mt. Silver, Leaf leads him, Green, and a rather unexpected tagalong on a road trip through Unova. Red is aimless, Ethan wants what he can't have, Leaf hopes for the best, and Green isn't sure where he stands anymore.

Chewing on Pearls
Elesa/White; PG; 858 words; Character Study, Drama.
White's grin is all teeth. "I've taken care of myself for ten years, princess," she snaps. "What do you have to show for yourself? Everybody knows this is your daddy's playground you're living in."

You can't control everything
Steven/May; PG; 590 words; Romance, Fluff, Character Study.
Ten-years-later established relationship holiday fluff. Steven would bring her the stars if she asked for them, but all May wants is snow.

Mars (009. Pain)
Green/Red; NC-17; 1,137 words; PWP.
Red's in that kind of a mood, Green realizes. The bites move up, his tongue mapping tendons and veins, before Red mouths at the soft skin of his elbow.

Red/Lyra; G; 2,012 words; Character Study, Romance, Fluff.
There are a lot of things Red doesn't do: laugh, lose, fall in love. Sequel to The Last Challenger.

Black Tie (056. Clothes)
Green/Red; NC-17; 1,207 words; PWP.
The story of how they crash Leaf's wedding.

Solidarity (041. Friend)
Green + His team; G; 1,683 words; Slice-of life, Friendship, Fluff.
Every Pokémon plays a different role in Green's life. (A collection of shorts focusing on Green hanging out with his Pokémon.)

Reflection, Deflection
Morty<-Lyra/Silver; PG-13; 1,287 words; Drama, Angst, Character Study, Romance.
Lyra should listen to her elders, but sometimes she has selective hearing. A remix of [personal profile] fugthimble's fic Mirror Mirror.

Halcyon (085. Let Go)
Green/Red, Green/Kris; PG-13; xxxx words; Romance, Drama, Character Study.
Sometimes the sea itself is a gift. Sometimes the gift is something it brings you.
parts: 1 | 2

Switch (019. Mind)
Green/Red + Leaf; G; 705 words; Crack, Romance, Fluff.
Maybe they shouldn't have gone to visit Bill.

North Star
Yellow/Lance; G; 1,218 words; Character Study, Romance, Fluff.
As Yellow travels the country, she feels an occasional resonance, making her heart sing like a plucked string.

Christmas Wrapping (089. Spirit)
Green+Leaf+Red; G; 1,124 words; Fluff, Friendship, Slice-of-Life, Humor.
When Leaf comes home for the holidays, her first order of business is to drag Green and Red shopping. Holiday shenanigans ensue.

Blue Tomorrow
Steven/Everyone; G; 500 words; Drama, Character Study, Romance, Fluff.
Steven Stone and the love interests he can't have.

New Season
Red/May, Green/Leaf; G; 1,681 words; Romance, Fluff, Character Study.
Red goes to Hoenn to recuperate after Mt. Silver and finds an unexpected companion.

Ethan/Lyra + Silver; G; 1,009 words; Romance, Fluff, Friendship, Slice-of-Life, Character Study.
Three times the championship changes hands while Lyra tries to find what she's missing.

Armistice Day (008. Life)
Red/Green; PG; 1,000 words; Romance, Character Study.
They spend a whole lifetime together, even when they're apart.

Breaking Out [Discontinued]
Red+Green+Leaf; R; 1,553 words; Action/Adventure, Horror, (Melo)drama.
Rocket!AU. Years of living in a nightmare haven't dimmed their fighting spirit, and they will do whatever it takes to fix what the Rockets have destroyed.

Echo (053. Sickness)
Red/Green; PG-13; 905 words; Romance, Humor, Fluff, Character Study.
Green loses his voice and Red uses this to his advantage.

May/Brendan; PG-13; 2,167 words; Romance, Drama, Character Study.
Brendan's always had a touch of claustrophobia, but May's comforting presence is the last thing he needs right now.

Erika; R; 419 words; Character Study, Drama, Horror.
She is the caretaker of her garden and everything that breathes within it.

Sleeping In (042. Lake)
Green/Red; G; 507 words; Romance, Fluff, Humor, Slice-of-Life.
They go fishing. Green is displeased. Red gets him to shut up about it.

Four Leaf Clover (004. Lost)
Green/Leaf; PG-13; 1,646 words; Romance, Drama, Fluff, Humor, Slice-of-Life.
He's spent his whole life trying to keep up with her, but he never quite succeeds. Sequel to 3 A.M..

Steven/May; NC-17; 968 words; PWP.
He can't take his eyes away, and she lets him watch.

Fidelity [AO3 Mirror]
Silver+Crobat; PG-13; 2,355 words; Character Study, Fluff, Friendship.
It loves its master because it's never learned how to hate. Eventually, Silver learns how to love it back. Warnings: implied abuse.

Nest (047. Family) [AO3 Mirror]
Red/Green/Leaf OT3; PG; 4,549 words; Friendship, Family, Character Study, Drama, Fluff.
Immediately after Green loses the championship to Red, he returns to Pallet Town and the memories of his past.

Conduit (025. Goodbye) [AO3 Mirror]
Red+Green; PG-13; 2,431 words; Drama, Character Study, Friendship.
The night before they leave for their journeys, Red and Green are in opposite places and mindsets. Although their friendship is nearly destroyed, Green sticks to Red like a shadow, and they can't become untangled.

Morning Rush (045. Fake) [AO3 Mirror]
Green/Red; NC-17 or R; 1,736 words; Romance, Humor.
Red wrecks a kid's day, amusing Green in the process.
// NC-17 (explicit) version // R (censored) version //

Antiphony (095. Betrayal) [AO3 Mirror]
Green/Lyra + Red(/Leaf); PG-13; 1,636 words; Romance, Drama, Character Study.
"In which Kotone follows in Red's footsteps on the mountaintop, and Green has to convince her to come down, too."

Whiteout (018. Destruction) [AO3 Mirror]
Green/Red; PG-13; 1,942 words; Romance, Drama, Character Study.
He expected the worst. The worst came.

The Last Challenger [AO3 Mirror]
Red/Lyra (Kotone); G; 747 words; Romance, Character Study, Drama.
There's only one person Lyra hasn't beaten.

Waiting Game (066. Bed) [AO3 Mirror]
Green/Red; R; 902 words; Romance.
Red leaves, and Green can't make him stay.
     Spanish Translation (by Mandie)

Up the Ante [AO3 Mirror]
Flint/Volkner/Octillery?!; NC-17; 575 words; PWP.
An ordinary make-out session goes horribly awry.

Generation [AO3 Mirror]
Morty/Falkner; PG-13; 2,964 words; Drama, Romance, Character Study.
Falkner discovers himself through loss, and Morty helps him find the way.

Under the Rose [AO3 Mirror]
Erika + everyone; PG-13; 1,333 words; Humor, Romance.
"Erika keeps an underground love potion store and the other female (or male disguised as female) gym leaders visit her to buy stuff."

Challenger (036. Enemy) [AO3 Mirror]
Green/Red + Flint(/Volkner); PG; 1,616 words; Character Study, Fluff, Slice-of-Life, Romance.
Challengers: they always appear. Anime/Game crossover.

Shiva [AO3 Mirror]
Cyrus; PG-13; 1,061 words; Character Study, Drama.
Do you think he was ever a happy child? Warnings: Abuse.

Synapse [AO3 Mirror]
Volkner/Flint; PG-13; 1,353 words; Romance/Friendship, Drama, Character Study.
Volkner keeps looking for someone to take Flint's place.

Under Orders [AO3 Mirror]
Proton/Archer; R; 669 words; Romance, PWP.
It's only a matter of time—Archer can't hold him off forever.

Spring Rain (075. Forgive) [AO3 Mirror]
Green/Kotone (Lyra); PG; 1,415 words; Character Study, Fluff, Slice-of-Life, Romance.
In the end, he realizes, she's been the one with the plan all along.

The Guardian [AO3 Mirror]
Ethan/Lyra; G; 3,963 words; Hardcore WAFF, Romance, Slice-of-Life, Fluff.
A Champion's only as good as the cause he fights for. (She was the one who arrived, but he was the one who left.)

To Breathe (026. Over) [AO3 Mirror]
Red/Green; R; 1,099 words; Character Study, Romance, Slice-of-Life.
Starting over is like breathing; it's something humans are born to do.

Big Damn Heroes (040. Accident) [AO3 Mirror]
Green/Red; PG-13; 2,346 words; Character Study, Action/Adventure, Romance.
Green isn't sure who saves whom anymore.

Fire & Ice (051. Late) [AO3 Mirror]
Red/Green; NC-17; 1,351 words; PWP.
Red doesn't like to be kept waiting.

Stasis (003. Memory) [AO3 Mirror]
Green+Red+Leaf; PG; 657 words; Character Study, Romance, Drama.
He told himself it was all intentional, but it still felt like he'd been left behind.

3 A.M. (017. Leaf) [AO3 Mirror]
Green/Leaf; G; 521 words; Character Study, Romance, Drama, Slice-of-Life.
He's always there when she returns.

Hayloft (035. Straw) [AO3 Mirror]
Green/Silver; NC-17; 1,459 words; PWP.
Young lovers and they are not sleeping / Young lovers in the hay-loft—

Alliance (005. Mouse)
PokeSpe!Green+Pika; G; 575 words; Character Study, Slife-of-Life.
He hadn't planned on this, but he was going to make this work somehow.

In the Dark (002. Red)
PokeSpe!Green/Blue; G; 517 words; Character Study, Friendship, Romance.
He can never tell what she's up to, but it's always nothing good.

Harmony [AO3 Mirror]
Eeveelutions OT3; G; 766 words; Slice-of-Life, Fluff, Romance
Everything had changed, but some things had stayed the same: companionship, love, battles breaking up the easy rhythm of a peaceful existence.

Unexpected Life [AO3 Mirror]
Marowak/Snorlax + Cubone; PG-13; 939 words; Slice-of-Life, Fluff, Romance, Drama
When she dreamed about growing up, this wasn't what she dreamed about.



Homestuck (02)

Cardiology [AO3 Mirror]
Dirk/Jake; PG; 1,245 words; Character Study, Romance.
Brobot is your finest work. You're sending it to Jake so he can tear it apart.

We got a problem here with a corpse [AO3 Mirror]
Karkat/John; PG; 1,079 words; Romance, Character Study.
This time, John’s eyes are a hollowed out white that you can’t look at straight-on, and you feel dead, so you decide you’re even.

(I've written a ton more Homestuck work than just this. Check my AO3 account.)



Super Junior (10)

Flashfics & drabbles over here.

Epicureanism [AO3 Mirror]
Kyuhyun/Zhou Mi; PG; 4,040 words; Romance, Humor.
Modern AU. Zhou Mi teaches Kyuhyun about the finer things in life.

Guardian [AO3 Mirror]
Leeteuk/Kangin; PG; 1,230 words; Character Study, Drama, Survival, Romance.
Shipwreck AU. Kangin nods. It's not the first time he's escorted royal goods; his ship is the fastest and most experienced in his kingdom's fleet, and a goodwill gift is nothing out of the ordinary.

Coordinate (Wherever you go, there you are) [AO3 Mirror]
Kyuhyun/Zhou Mi; PG-13; 4,784 words; Character Study, Drama, Romance.
Post-apocalyptic AU. Two survivors take the last train headed west.

Going Your Way [AO3 Mirror]
Kyuhyun/Zhou Mi; G; 4,570 words; Romance, Character Study.
NYC roommate busking AU. After college, Kyuhyun does what most people do: he finds an apartment out of his price range and looks for a roommate.

Janism [AO3 Mirror]
Kyuhyun/Zhou Mi; G; 561 words; Romance, Fluff.
College AU. Zhou Mi, defender of the weak.

Expression [AO3 Mirror]
Kyuhyun/Zhou Mi; R; 2,031 words; Character Study, Romance, Drama, Fluff.
Kyuhyun is the only one who can get away with anything.

Every Tuesday [AO3 Mirror]
Leeteuk+QMi, Leeteuk/Kangin, Kyuhyun/Zhou Mi, Heechul/Han Geng, Henry; G; 3,281 words; Fluff, Romance, Character Study.
AU. Leeteuk runs a flower shop, Henry fixes washing machines, and Kyuhyun falls in love.
     Russian Translation (by [personal profile] alyssamuse; forum account required)

Passage [AO3 Mirror]
Kyuhyun/Zhou Mi; PG; 2,047 words; Romance, Character Study.
Zhou Mi falls in love a little more gradually. Sequel to Shift.

Shift [AO3 Mirror]
Kyuhyun/Zhou Mi; G; 654 words; Romance, Fluff.
Kyuhyun knows the exact moment he fell in love.

Songs That We Sing [AO3 Mirror]
Kyuhyun/Zhou Mi; NC-17; 7,302 words; Romance, Fluff, Drama, Character Study.
College AU. Zhou Mi isn't the only one who wants to be an artist.



X-Men: First Class (03)

Synergy [AO3 Mirror]
Charles/Erik; PG; 1,748 words; Romance, Angst.
Charles and Erik are soulmates, and suddenly the movie gets a lot more depressing.

In Revolution [AO3 Mirror]
Charles/Erik; PG-13; 3,447 words; Romance, Angst, Character Study, Fluff.
A forty-year friendship told in twelve parts; a collection of flashfics with an accompanying fanmix.

words of love along the wires [AO3 Mirror]
Charles/Erik; R; 993 words; Romance, Character Study, Angst, Fluff.
Scent memory is the oldest and most primal part of the brain.
     Podfic Version (by [personal profile] rhea314), Chinese Translation (by [profile] twilight_s; forum account required)



Haikyuu!! (02)

motivation [AO3 Mirror]
Kuroo/Suga; G; 677 words; Character Study.
"Is it fun like that?" kuroo asks, not smiling.

Allure [AO3 Mirror]
Daichi/Suga; PG-13; 700 words; Romance, PWP.
"You're not even looking," Suga complains.



Ragnarok Online (01)

Season's Veil [In Progress] [AO3 Mirror]
PG-13; 17,093 words and counting; Action/Adventure, Drama.
A chain of events draws a group of adventurers into the middle of an ancient war, where the line between good and evil becomes blurred. The mysterious Veil seems to be the Key to their survival, but what is it, and can they save it before it's too late?
chapters: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4



Star Trek XI (1.5)

In The Air [In Progress] [AO3 Mirror]
Sulu/Chekov; G to PG-13; 2,096 words and counting; Romance, Character Study, Fluff, Drama, Humor.
The path to a relationship takes many tiny steps.
parts: 1

Momentum [Incomplete/Dropped]
Sulu/Chekov; PG; 1,097 words; Romance, Angst.
You don't have to speak a word to tell someone everything.



His Dark Materials (01)

Passing [AO3 Mirror]
Will/Lyra; PG; 1,384 words; Romance, Drama, Slice-of-Life.
As the years pass, they find ways to cope with a love that's always out of reach.



The Time Traveler's Wife (01)

Blooming [AO3 Mirror]
Alba/OMC; PG-13; 730 words; Romance.
Chrono-displaced persons have a bad habit of meeting the love of their life in backyards, several years too early.



Angel Fall [ link ] (02)

Friendly Fire
Chaera+Subaru; PG; 1,146 words; Slice-of-Life, Character Study.
Chaera's Christmas tree needs a bit more decoration, and she knows the perfect Angel to place at the top.

Butterfly Wings
Mikomi/Nicholas; PG; 2,036 words; Character Study, Romance.
Nothing goes right when it comes to her.