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HSWC BR1 Fills

It's that time of year again

My fills
Stay, Dirk ♥ Roxy (implied one-sided), G. "Remember when Dirk visited Roxy unannounced in her land?"

Best Laid Plans, Dirk ♥ Jake, G. "Remember the time when Jake Dirk convinced Dirk Jake to go camping with him, but they "forgot" to bring two sleeping bags?"

Remember, Dad ♥ Mom, T. "Remember when Mom and Dad had their first (and final) date?"

Wait, Darkleer ♦ Disciple, T. "Remember when the Disciple sought out for Darkleer for revenge, but when it came down to it, she let him go as well?"

Last Stand, Alpha!Dave ♦ Alpha!Rose, T. "Remember the time Dave and Rose killed the Batterwitch?"

Marathon, Dirk ♥ Jake ♥ Jane ♥ Roxy, G. "Remember when Jake proposed a movie marathon and during the Lord of The Rings Dirk, Jane and Roxy fell asleep on him so he couldn't move and go to the bathroom?"

Heal, Dave ♥ Karkat, T. "Remember when Dave and Karkat sparred for the first time and it was an utter disaster?"

Complement, Caliborn ♠ Calliope, G. "Remember the first time they became aware of each other?"

Touchstone, Dirk & Lil Cal, G. "Remember when Dirk called Lil Cal his best friend and said he was a better guardian than his ancestor was?"

Legacy, Dirk ♥ Jake + alpha ot4, G. "Remember junior year at Jake's grandma's funeral how Dirk didn't leave his side and tried to be Jake's comfort?"

My prompts
http://hs-worldcup.dreamwidth.org/18819.html?thread=3283331#cmt3283331 dirk/arquiusprite
http://hs-worldcup.dreamwidth.org/18819.html?thread=3245187#cmt3245187 grandpa/mom
http://hs-worldcup.dreamwidth.org/18819.html?thread=3329923#cmt3329923 dirk/ar
http://hs-worldcup.dreamwidth.org/18819.html?thread=3243395#cmt3243395 jane/dad
http://hs-worldcup.dreamwidth.org/18819.html?thread=3431555#cmt3431555 jake/john/dirk
http://hs-worldcup.dreamwidth.org/18819.html?thread=3435395#cmt3435395 jake/jane
http://hs-worldcup.dreamwidth.org/18819.html?thread=3692931#cmt3692931 dirk/jake
http://hs-worldcup.dreamwidth.org/18819.html?thread=3843459#cmt3843459 davesprite/john

And prompts I want to fill later

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