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HSWC: Last lap

Last batch of bonus round fills. Updated as I write more.

Record, Alpha!Dave ♦ Dirk, G; Dirk finds the first one in the narrow crawlspace above his apartment on his eighth birthday. A remix of this fill.

Be Human, John Crocker ♥ Jade Crocker (English), T; Being raised by an evil alien is hard, and only one other person might understand.

Solace, alpha!Dave ♦ Dirk, alpha!Rose ♦ Roxy, T; "God?" "Yes?" "Are my parents ever coming home?" -a softer world


Pomp and Flash, Rose ♥ Roxy, M; Fashion AU. They're two models on a tour and they make out in toilets and bathrooms and studios wearing expensive outfits not meant for intimacy! Bonus points if they drink champagne and make double entendres that most people don't understand at the after-parties.

Casus Belli (AO3 Mirror), Dirk/Brobot ♦ Jake, T; “You want to have a go?” Jake snarls. The dark skin on his right cheekbone is already purpling. “Sounds like a fucking lark. Let's have at, then, metalman, just you and me!”

Pacificity, Alpha!Jade ♣ Alpha!John ♣ Condesce, M; The quadrants are covered in the earlier schoolfeedings when you're still young enough to believe in serendipity.