outstretched: Dirk Strider and Jake English from Homestuck, kissing. (HMSTK ♥ [DirkJake] So kiss me fast)
For every mile of ocean crossed ☆ ([personal profile] outstretched) wrote in [community profile] thingwithfeathers2013-07-01 05:20 pm

HSWC: Bonus Round 3 Fills

Will be updated as I write more

Sand, Feferi♥Kanaya, G; "Silk Road, China"

While the going's good, Dirk♦Jane, G; "Prohibition Era, NYC"

Homestead, Jake ♥ Jade, G; "The Emu War, Australia"

Ally, Eridan ♥ Karkat, T; "The Vietnam War"

And my prompts because why not

Dave ♥ Terezi, Dadaism
Dave ♥ John, 1980s NYC
Alpha kid OT4, British Colonial India

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